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  5. iPhone 5 video confirms taller form factor

iPhone 5 video confirms taller form factor

iPhone 5 video confirms taller form factor

Yet more video footage purportedly showing the iPhone 5 has leaked online, with a matter of hours to go before Apple makes the handset official.

Apparently stemming from a factory operated by Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn, the clip corroborates much of what the rumour mill has led us to believe will be on board the next objet de desire from the House of Cupertino.

Very much in evidence, then, is a smaller dock port. This chimes with months of chatter claiming that Apple will do away with the familiar 30-pin connector that has featured on every iPhone since 2007 in favour of a 9-pin fixture.

It’s also notable that the handset is significantly longer bit of kit than the iPhone 4S that it’s compared to in the video. Once again, this tallies with rumours that the phone will be taller this time around to accommodate a larger, four-inch screen.

The iPhone 5 is due to make its debut tomorrow at a press call in San Francisco. Other features thought to be on board include 4G support and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Apple event invite for September 12th

Perhaps most welcome, though, is the handset's putative bigger battery, especially given the welter of surveys revealing disappointing battery life to be the number-one bugbear of smartphones.


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