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iPhone 5 video leaks, confirms larger screen

iPhone 5 video leaks, confirms larger screen

Video footage purportedly showing the iPhone 5 has leaked online, as Apple’s next-generation handset edges ever closer to release.

The clip, which was uploaded anonymously to YouTube and shows the new kit alongside the current model, reveals that the handset clearly sports a larger screen than the 3.5-inch display that has been a fixture of every iPhone since 2007. This chimes with months of rumours that Apple will opt for a larger four-inch screen this time around.

Also in evidence in the clip is a smaller dock connector. Once again, this dovetails with separate leaks indicating that the iPhone 5 will not house the 30-pin port that has also been a long-time feature of the handset.

Alas, although the video shows the handset being switched on, the phone appears to stall at the ‘connect to iTunes’ messages. So we don't get to see the handset in action, complete with the shiny, new iOS 6 iteration of Apple’s operating system.

The latest apparent leak from the Cupertino-based tech giant’s supply chain comes amid mounting expectations that Apple will unveil the sixth-generation on September 12th.

As well as more screen space, the handset is thought to feature a muscular quad-core processor for graphical heavy lifting and multi-tasking, a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip and an improved eight-megapixel camera.



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