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  5. iPhone aces customer satisfaction survey (again)

iPhone aces customer satisfaction survey (again)

iPhone aces customer satisfaction survey (again)

The iPhone has topped the JD Power customer satisfaction charts for the eighth straight time, providing a timely PR fillip for Apple in a week when it is already set to monopolise tech press column inches.

Apple’s smartphone was awarded a score of 849 out of 1,000 in the survey. That was 59 points ahead of HTC, which defied its sales downturn and the lukewarm reviews meted out to its recent kits to finish second.

In third was Samsung with 782 points, while fourth and fifth positions belonged to Motorola and Nokia with scores of 777 and 763 respectively.

Less happy reading was in store for LG (742 points), BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (740 points) and HP/Palm (707 points) – confirming the three companies' continued fall from gadget grace in recent months.

The study also discovered that almost a fifth of smartphone owners have experienced problems with their software or hardware – something that seems to have become more common in the rush to get new smartphones to market.

News of the findings come as Apple is about to lift the lid on a new iPhone on September 12th. The new model is expected to offer a larger screen, 4G support and a quad-core processor to bring it in line with its Android superphone rivals.

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