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  5. iPhone 5 Wi-Fi bug fix rolled out by Apple

iPhone 5 Wi-Fi bug fix rolled out by Apple

iPhone 5 Wi-Fi bug fix rolled out by Apple

Apple has rolled out a fix for a Wi-Fi bug with the iPhone 5 that meant users inadvertently used up their 3G allowance.

Issued yesterday for iPhone 5 owners on US network Verizon, the patch addresses a glitch that resulted in cellular data allocations being used up even when handsets were connected to Wi-Fi networks.

iPhone 5 official retina display close-up

Apple has taken action after threads detailing the extent of the problem burgeoned on its official support forums. Compouning the frustations for those affected was that the iGiant was purportedly refusing to replace the handset on the grounds that the issue was not a hardware glitch.

News of the company’s bid to start tackling problems with the just-released sixth-generation version of the iPhone comes after Apple CEO Tim Cook was this week forced to apologise for flaws in the handset’s new mapping solution.

Apple Maps, which replaces Google Maps as iPhones’ default mapping software with the new iOS version of the handset’s operating system, has been slammed for misspelt place names and, in some cases, the complete absence of major, historic UK towns.


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