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  5. iPhone 5S photos leaked, reveals rear housing

iPhone 5S photos leaked, reveals rear housing

iPhone 5S photos leaked, reveals rear housing

The first images for what may or may not be the seventh-generation Apple iPhone have appeared online, kicking the rumour-mill into motion for another round of leaks and conjecture.

Uploaded by the good folk at iPhone5Parts and picked up by the eagle-eyed Frenchmen at Nowhereelse, the snaps reveal what appear to be the inner and outer sides of the rear housing for the iPhone 5S (yep, we’re going with that) – possibly taken at an assembly line.

iPhone 5S leaked rear panel vs iPhone 5

From what we can tell, it looks exactly like the rear panel of the iPhone 5, but with a couple of minor changes on the inside, such as two less screw holes that are used to secure the LCD and a slight repositioning of three screw holes that fasten the logic board.

If we were betting types, we'd say the iPhone 5S or whatever it’s called will almost surely be an iterative update in the same vein as the iPhone 4S – with a near identical design but some hardware tweaks that may include a faster processor and – we hope, at least - improved material that’s more resistant to scuffmarks.

iPhone 5S leaked rear panel

We previously reported that Apple has already ordered a trial production of between 50,000 and 100,000 units of the new iPhone and is mooted to move into volume production in the first quarter of 2013.

iPhone5Parts claims the 5S will be launched in the first half of 2013, presumably in the summer, which may seem a tad early, but would make good business sense as it would be able to compete directly against the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is also expected to land around that time.

Stay tuned for more iPhone 5S news and rumours in the weeks and months to come.


iPhone5Parts via Nowhereelse

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