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  5. Top 5 iPhone 5S rumours: how do they really stack up?

Top 5 iPhone 5S rumours: how do they really stack up?

Top 5 iPhone 5S rumours: how do they really stack up?

It seems Christmas has come early for Apple fans. The iPhone 5S rumour mill appears to be in full swing already, less than three months after the iPhone 5 was outed.

Analysts are already piling in with their predictions, while spy shots have already shown off what appears to be the handset’s tweaked interior.

The question is, what to believe? Follow us as we stand up each iPhone 5S rumour and see whether it will really come to pass.

1 Super HD Retina+ display

iPhone 5 retina display close-up

Apple’s 300 pixels per inch (PPI) Retina Display has been gazumped by HTC and Samsung in recent months.

The HTC J Butterfly, expected to land on these shores next year, totes 440PPI, so it’s no surprise that rumours are flying that will Apple up the ante with the iPhone 5S.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek reckons Cupertino is plotting a Super HD Retina+ display, which will increase PPI and give Apple an edge when it comes to crowing about screen resolutions.

Whether it can mass produce such screens to a high enough standard remains to be seen.

Nailed-on rumour rating: 7/10

2 Beefed-up battery

battery life

That swanky new panel has the potential to batter the iPhone 5S’s battery, especially if the brightness is pushed up to the max.

But Misek also claims Apple will load up a new, improved battery to help cope with the strain of all those new pixels. This is pretty much a certainty.

Every time that Apple releases a new iPhone it talks up how it’s improved the battery, before users hoover them up in their droves only to discover they still need to juice up their phone at least once every 24 hours. In short, don’t expect it to make much difference.

Nailed-on rumour rating: 10/10

3 128GB storage


Bulking up the storage of the iPhone 5S to 128GB is bound to happen, right?

Well, we think it’s unlikely. The current 64GB iPhone 5 costs £699, £100 more than the 32GB version.

That would make a 128GB model £899, surely way too much even by Apple’s premium standards.

Not only is it costly, it also add to the overall bulk of the device, an area where Apple will not want to compromise as rivals start to catch up with its always- peerless design.

Nailed-on rumour rating: 5/10

4 Colours galore

ipad touch 5g colours

iPod touch-style colours have also been floated as an iPhone 5S rumour. While the ‘fun’ designs of the iPod touch and nano have elicited plenty of positive responses, Apple’s big time rival Samsung does not dabble in such madness with their best Galaxy phones and neither will Cupertino when it comes to the crunch.

The jazzy colours of Nokia’s Lumia range make even its best phones look cheap. The iPod brand is fading, hence the snazzy colours; Apple will not want to compromise its still-huge iPhone brand in this way.

Nailed-on rumour rating: 3/10

5 It’ll have a summer release

Tim Cook at Apple keynote

The past two years have seen Apple push its iPhone keynote and release date back into autumn. Consequently, sales have slid over the summer as punters wait on the new device.

This year that meant Samsung was able to outsell the iPhone with its Galaxy S3 in the third quarter, a stat the Korean giant will rightly not stop talking about.

Word is that Apple is testing the iPhone 5S right now, with full-scale production ramping up in the first half of 2013 before a June/July release.

With the Galaxy S4 expected in January and a whole host of new Android phones following at Mobile World Congress, Tim Cook and co would be fools to wait until September to unleash their 2013 flagship.

Nailed-on rumour rating: 9/10

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