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  5. Cheap iPhone: fresh details leak from supply chain

Cheap iPhone: fresh details leak from supply chain

Cheap iPhone: fresh details leak from supply chain

New information has emerged about the much-rumoured, lesser-spotted budget-priced iPhone, as Apple gears up to take the fight to Android in markets currently dominated by the rival platform.

Earlier this month, a slew of reports appeared claiming that the handset will ditch the aluminium and glass construction of the current model for a less costly plastic shell.

Today, thanks to iLounge we’re party to a few more details about the handset. According to the site’s sources, who wished to remain anonymous, natch, the phone will be home to a four-inch Retina screen and will be the broadly the same size as the iPhone 5, give or take the odd millimetre.

That’s the same size as the current-gen iPhone and flies in the face of years of speculation that the phone will be smaller than its stablemate – speculation that long ago earned the handset the informal ‘iPhone mini’ moniker among tech-watchers.

iLounge’s informants also claim that the phone’s design will be a kind of composite of the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch and – perhaps somewhat surprisingly – the iPod classic.

Although not even in our most fanciful, most nostalgic moments do we suppose that the clickwheel will make a comeback on the device, it’s apparently the iPod classic that the cheaper iPhone’s shape most resembles.

Pricing for the low-cost iPhone, which is expected to be especially in demand in the comparatively nascent smartphone markets of India and China, remains in a matter for febrile speculation. However, it is thought that it could come in as low as £200.

The phone is purportedly set to be accompanied this year by a refreshed version of the standard iPhone and a larger phablet-sized device apparently variously dubbed the iPhone Math or iPhone +.



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