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  5. iPhone 5S to feature ‘touch-on’ display

iPhone 5S to feature ‘touch-on’ display

iPhone 5S to feature ‘touch-on’ display

Apple’s next iPhone may be equipped with better, more responsive touchscreen technology, sources familiar with developments have claimed.

According to supply chain gossip in Taiwan, the iGiant is reportedly in talks with Chimei Innolux, the country’s biggest LCD manufacturer, to produce a so-called ‘touch-on’ display for the handset we’re unofficially dubbing the iPhone 5S, even though it has only just introduced a thinner, lighter ‘in-cell’ panel with the iPhone 5.

This is amid reports that the in-cell screen on board the current-gen iKit often fails to register fast scrolling inputs - particularly on a diagonal angle - a problem that is not exhibited by the on-cell displays used on older iPhones.

By contrast, touch-on technology is said to boast a higher sensitivity, while still being thin and light, meaning it should not compromise the handset’s slim form factor.

Rumours suggest that Apple has already ordered a trial production of its seventh-generation iPhone in a relatively low volume of around 100k units, in preparation of an alleged launch in summer

Aside from a more reactive display, the iPhone 5S is also expected to sport a material that is more resistant to scratches and scuffmarks, which have been a huge source of frustration for owners of the iPhone 5, which uses an anodised aluminium chassis.


China Times via Apple Insider

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