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  5. Apple smartwatch in testing, say sources

Apple smartwatch in testing, say sources

Apple smartwatch in testing, say sources

Rumours that Apple is planning a Dick Tracy-style smartwatch got a fresh layer or credence today, after reports surfaced that the device is already in testing.

Citing “people familiar with the company’s explorations”, The New York Times reports that the so-called iWatch is being trialled now across Apple’s Cupertino campus and will be powered by the same iOS operating as the iPhone and iPad.

According to the same anonymous sources, it’s also home to a curved glass screen fashioned from flexible Willow Glass. This is intended to make it “stand apart from competitors based on [Apple’s] understanding of how such glass can curve around the human body”.

apple iwatch

It’s thought unlikely that an Apple watch will be equipped with phone-functionality a la Swap’s timepieces-cum-handsets.

Instead, it will be closer to the Android-powered Sony Ericsson LiveView add-on, which connects to owners’ handsets via Bluetooth and enables them to access a selection of their phone’s features.

Chatter about an iWatch first surfaced late last year. Rumours swirling at this time suggested that Apple’s Siri voice commands app will be front and centre on the tech giant’s first-ever wrist-warmer and that its display will be in the region of 1.5-inches.

After a few false dawns, an increase in interest in wearable technology has been notable over the last 12 months, perhaps most obviously in the form of the hugely popular Nike Fuelband which measures users’ movements to calculate how many calories they burn while performing day-to-day activities.


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