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  5. iPhone 6 quad-core A7 processor photo leaks online

iPhone 6 quad-core A7 processor photo leaks online

iPhone 6 quad-core A7 processor photo leaks online

An image of the processor that purportedly powers Apple’s next-generation smartphone has surfaced online, sparking speculation that the handset (or handsets) could end up looking distinctly underpowered when compared with its Android rivals.

Sourced by iOSDoc, who snared the photo from an enigmatic but apparently trustworthy insider, the image shows what appears to be an A7 processor, seemingly intended for a future iPhone.

iphone 6 a7 processor

Noting the component’s similarity to the motherboard for the processor in the current-gen iPhone, tech-watchers are speculating that the next handset to emerge from Infinite Loop could be powered by a quad-core chipset.

Assuming that’s so, Apple’s effort could end up seeming somewhat scrawny next to the Samsung Galaxy S4, which leaks suggest could come packing a beefy octa-core processor to handle graphical heavy lifting.

More interestingly, the decision not to up the ante in the power stakes also hints that Apple is unlikely to opt for a resource-draining larger screen and bigger form factor this time around.

Industry rumblings indicate that the iPhone 6 could land during the second quarter and could be accompanied by a smaller, cheaper iPhone.

Also expected from Cupertino this year is a more expansive, iPhone-branded phablet, which, if it does indeed make it to market, we’re assuming will need something brawnier than the A7 processor that’s sparked today’s round of iSpeculation.



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