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  5. iPhone 6 / iPhone 5: prototype photos leak online

iPhone 6 / iPhone 5: prototype photos leak online

iPhone 6 / iPhone 5: prototype photos leak online

Images of what may be a prototype iPhone have leaked online, fuelling rumours that Apple could rip up the design formbook for future phones.

Unearthed by GSM Arena, the images show a handset that ditches the hitherto reassuringly ever-present physical home button in favour of an edge-to-edge screen.

Apple’s design also features gently curved, tapering edges that give it a look not unlike the old iPod nano and chimes with a patent filing for a similar-looking handset for which the company was granted approval last week.

iphone 6

Naturally, all the usual Apple branding information is present and correct on the rear of the phone. But the blurrycam quality of the images means it’s hard to discern any info or product numbers that might add an extra layer of credence to the handset.

However, the chances of Apple adopting the design for one of the two iPhones mooted to land later this year is surely limited by the inherent conservatism of Jonny Ive and his hitherto rigid adherence to a very singular industrial design vision.

iphone 6 prototype 2

Either way, the signs are that we’ll find out soon enough. The much-rumoured low-cost iPhone is expected to go into production this quarter ahead of a mooted street date in June with the higher-end edition set to land in the summer.


GSM Arena

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