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  5. iPhone 6 'to pack 12-megapixel camera'

iPhone 6 'to pack 12-megapixel camera'

iPhone 6 'to pack 12-megapixel camera'

The next-gen iPhone will pack a top-end 12-megapixel camera with improved performance in low-light conditions, rumours suggest.

According to an insider cited by Vietnamese blog (MacRumors is on translation detail), the handset will be home to lens that offers a f/2.4 aperture alongside a backside illuminated sensor for better results when snapping at night.

The same source, who it seems works at the fantastically named iPhone camera module maker Wonderful Saigon Electrics, claims that the camera could also introduce technology to minimise the purple haze that some iPhone 5 owners have complained of.

Expected to drop around September, the iPhone 6 putative spec sheet takes in a completely revamped version of the handset’s iOS software care of newly incumbent head of UI Jonny Ive, as well as a fingerprint scanner to add an extra layer of security.

Rumours suggest that development of the handset, which we’re told won’t differ too much from the iPhone 5S on the looks-front, was overseen by Steve Jobs, making it among the last products that the totemic one-time Apple figurehead was intimately involved with.



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