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Apple in 'discovery apps' crackdown

Apple in 'discovery apps' crackdown

Apple is widening its attack on apps that help users search out new add-ons for iPhone and iPads.

In an attempt to stop iPhone fanatics from using anything other than the App Store to find new apps, Apple has expanded regulation 2.25 of its terms and conditions to include apps that use ‘filtering, bookmarking, searching or sharing recommendations’.

The new, tighter ruling has been unearthed by the chaps at Pocket Gamer. They’ve spoken with a developer, who says that his app aimed at sharing recommendations socially was slapped down by Apple.

Cupertino had previously intimated that sharing app discovery via social networks was OK, while simply aping the App Store was not.

AppShopper and AppGratis apparently fell foul of being too much like the App Store itself. This new, apparently anti-social approach, though, suggests the regulations are being tightened.

Pocket Gamer’s dev source said the move would hurt Apple in the long run.

He said: “If Apple decides it wants to be the sole source for recommendations of iPhone apps - and do something as drastic as discontinue its affiliate network - it won’t win.

“Apple loses, developers lose, and most importantly, everyone with an iPhone loses.”

Surely then, Apple must have its own new recommendation tool, hence this rather hard-headed approach. Perhaps we’ll be hearing more at WWDC next month.


Pocket Gamer

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