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  5. iPhone 5S / iPhone 6: more sources confirm new colour options

iPhone 5S / iPhone 6: more sources confirm new colour options

iPhone 5S / iPhone 6: more sources confirm new colour options

More evidence today emerged that Apple’s next-generation smartphones will be available in a suite of colour options, as the tech titan moves away from a long-standing policy of making its phones available in ‘any colour as long as its black or white’.

Citing two separate sources, Japanese blog Macotakara today reports that both the low-cost iPhone (let’s go with 'iPhone 5S' for this one) and the next iPhone proper, aka the 'iPhone 6', will land in a range of colours.

According to one insider, the iPhone 5S will come in gold, orange, navy, blue, white and grey. The other source sticks fairly close to that script, with a list that takes in white, pink, green, blue and yellow-orange.

The iPhone 6 won’t be quite as colourful, though, it seems. But it will still land in three colours, including white and black. The latter will apparently be reserved for top-end iPhones from hereon in.

Signs that this could be the year that Apple finally cuts loose with the spray paint on its handsets are coming hard and fast right now. Last week, coloured SIM trays purportedly destined for future iPhones surfaced online once more and are being interpreted as a giveaway that major changes are afoot.

Other than a cosmetic respray, how far the forthcoming crop of iPhones will differ from the current model is something of a moot point. But the smart money seems to be on the iPhone 6 retaining the same design, but adding a larger 4.5-inch screen.

The iPhone 5S, meanwhile, is expected to take design cues and recycle parts from earlier iPhones and swap premium materials for a low-cost plastic construction.



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