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Apple patents iWatch name

Apple patents iWatch name

Apple’s iWatch appears to be edging ever closer to reality, after the Cupertino company filed for a trademark on the name in Russia. It has asked for the device to be considered under two categories: computers and peripherals, and jewellery.

Apple has already filed one request for an iWatch trademark, in Jamaica back in December. This is a classic tactic used by major tech players looking to use obscure jurisdictions to file names, so pesky journalists are kept out of the loop.

The Russian paper which managed to sniff out the news says Apple may not get it all their own way though. One company tried to get the iWatch name trademarked two years ago, only to be told Swiss watchmaker Swatch had a similar iSwatch name already logged.

Only last week Tim Cook suggested that ‘the wrist is interesting’, making his strongest indication yet that Apple was working on an iWatch.

With Samsung also working on its own smart watch, Apple will need to be quick off the mark to be first to market. It’s widely expected that Apple’s version will not hit shelves until 2014 at the earliest.



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