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  5. iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone Light designs leak in diagrams

iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone Light designs leak in diagrams

iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone Light designs leak in diagrams

Design details of the next iPhone and its mooted low-cost stablemate appear to have leaked online, amid speculation that Apple is gearing up for a sustained tilt at the cheaper end of the smartphone market later this year.

Diagrams intended for case manufacturers that detail the design of what are purported to be two forthcoming iPhones have been sourced by the ever-circumspect sorts at Apple Insider.

iphone 5s light sketch

Interestingly, what has been identified as the cheaper iPhone model is dubbed the 'iPhone Light'in the diagram. This is a fresh coining, after years of the handset being informally known as the 'iPhone Nano' and, more prosaically, the 'low-cost iPhone'.

Less interesting, especially for those of you lobbying for a fresh new design for the iPhone, is that neither phone (the more costly model it seems is titled the 'iPhone 5S') seems to deviate too much from the iPhone 5.

Both phones retain the current-gen iPhone’s four-inch screen, casting doubt on claims that an iPhone phablet is incoming. The iPhone Light is slightly chunkier than the iPhone 5S, although with less than a millimetre in it you’d need to be looking really hard to notice.

iphone 5s light sketch 2

Also notable is that the placement of buttons is unchanged, with the physical home button still very much in evidence. However, the shape of the handsets’ different rear-facing camera ports indicates that the iPhone 5S will pack a dual-LED flash, while its more affordable counterpart makes do with a single LED flash.

Apple is expected to bring at least one new phone to market in September, possibly alongside a fresh take on the iPad mini.

The tech giant is believed to have economised on the iPhone Light, which is aimed principally at markets in the developing world, by recycling parts from earlier models and swapping premium materials for a plastic shell.


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