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Apple iWatch: fitness industry staff hired

Apple iWatch: fitness industry staff hired

Apple has begun hiring staff from across the fitness and health industries to work on its iWatch project. New staff are also said to have backgrounds in developing sensor-based products.

The news comes from in–depth analysis by 9to5mac. It says that the iWatch team is growing rapidly, with staff based away from the company’s main Cupertino campus at One Infinite Loop.

The burgeoning group of employees assigned to work on the techno timepiece is being managed by Kevin Lynch, Apple’s Vice President, who quit Adobe earlier this year.

Senior Vice President of Technologies, Bob Mansfield, is also helping run the show. Mansfield was rehired last year to work on ‘future products’.

Battery experts from across Apple have also been called in to help ensure the iWatch doesn’t run out of juice too quickly.

Sensor experts are said to be working on checking body information like glucose levels and heart rate.

While iWatch specs remain unclear, this latest investigation points to Apple staffers’ love of Nike’s Fuelband, suggesting Cook and co may be looking to develop a product along these lines.

The fact that medical and health components are also being talked up points to a device that will also be desirable across industry as well as to consumers.

In terms of a release date, it appears the iWatch will not be landing until 2014.

That may mean rivals beat Apple to market, but it will be hoping that its innovative approach can win over the mainstream.



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