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  5. iPhone 5C video reveals scratch resistant plastic surface

iPhone 5C video reveals scratch resistant plastic surface

iPhone 5C video reveals scratch resistant plastic surface

The plastic cover of the low-cost iPhone 5C is a lot more robust than some snatched spyshots might suggest, a leaked video of the handset reveals.

Much-leaked online in recent weeks, the polycarbonate shell for Apple’s budget handset has been derided in some quarters as cheap and flimsy-looking. Even less kind comments compared the back cover to something tatty you might find a street market.

However, a clip doing the rounds online, which comes to us from Chinese site Apple Daily, proves that appearances can be deceptive.

Placed in a plastic bag alongside screws, small change, paper clips and car keys to simulate what sounds like a very cramped jeans pocket, the iPhone 5C is then shaken around in the baggie.

Not satisfied with that, the anonymous owner of the arms in the video removes the phone and subjects the back cover to an assault with the keys and everything else sharp and metallic that's to-hand.

The result ought to be a shell that looks like it’s gone three rounds with a Thundercat. In fact, the 5C part emerges looking staggeringly factory-fresh and pristine.

That’s more than you probably say for the very premium-feeling iPhone 5 and its aluminium and glass outer if it was subjected to the same treatment.

The site also claims that the iPhone 5C will be slightly bigger than the iPhone 5. This rings true to us, given that Apple will want to do all it can to differentiate its low-cost and top-end models for less tech-minded consumers.

The iPhone 5C and the new version of the standard iPhone, aka the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, are expected to tip up on September 10th and could be in shops ten days later.


Apple Daily

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