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  5. iPhone 5C: white case and bezel leak on video

iPhone 5C: white case and bezel leak on video

iPhone 5C: white case and bezel leak on video

The wallet-friendly iPhone 5C has purportedly cropped up on video, courtesy of Japanese site Mac Otakara.

The pithy, 30-second clip features what resembles the iPhone 5C’s plastic back cover in white and a black bezel held together by hand to give us some idea of what the phone will look like.

Unfortunately, it’s still hard to discern too much about the finished product from the video.

But next to the white iPhone 5 that also makes an appearance in the clip, it’s notable that the handsets look approximately the same size. That means the screen will almost certainly come in at four inches or so.

The location of portholes and other fixtures and fittings also look to be unchanged from the current-gen model.

After months of referring to Apple’s debut budget smartphone as ‘the cheap iPhone’, the term ‘iPhone 5C’ cropped up in association with the handset for the first time just last week.

The ‘C’ is thought to refer to the fact that it will come in a range of iPod-style colour options. Previous iPhones have been available in black and white colourways only.

Rumours suggest the handset will also recycle parts from earlier iPhones to keep costs down.


Mac Otakara

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