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  5. Steve Wozniak dismisses Apple critics

Steve Wozniak dismisses Apple critics

Steve Wozniak dismisses Apple critics

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has said the company’s critics have got to understand that the company can’t release revolutionary kit year after year.

In a wide-ranging interview with the BBC, Wozniak said, “Everybody says, ‘oh my gosh, two years have passed and we need something really new and great from Apple’.” Well yeah, great advances for mankind don't happen every year.”

Launching a staunch defence of Tim Cook’s tenure as Apple CEO, Wozniak said the current boss was hand-picked for the role by his predecessor. “Steve Jobs had very strong feelings about what makes a company great, what makes products great. He more-or-less chose Tim Cook to be in that role, in that position.”

Wozniak also said he welcomed the challenge from Samsung, saying the Korean giant was able to lead thanks to its penetration in markets where Apple had no presence until just a few years ago.

He also suggested that Steve Ballmer’s time at Microsoft had not gone as well as Bill Gates’s, saying the Big M was losing its value and that it was resting on its laurels.

Source BBC

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