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  5. Apple eases Touch ID privacy concerns

Apple eases Touch ID privacy concerns

Apple eases Touch ID privacy concerns

The iPhone 5S’s new Touch ID fingerprint scanner will not store fingerprint scans on the device itself, instead stashing an encrypted version on the new handset’s processor.

That’s the word straight from Apple, which has spoken with The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), following a number of concerns raised by privacy campaigners.

There had been worries that storing an unencrypted version of a fingerprint on the iPhone 5S could lead to theft of biometric data.

However, Apple says that the digital version of the scan will not be accessible, even if the device is hacked.

Cupertino has also pointed out that Touch ID can be used in conjunction with a passcode and that any iPhone 5S locked for more than 48 hours will have to be fired up using the traditional security method. For now, the scanner will only work with native Apple apps, with third-parties unable to use the function.

Touch ID is the iPhone 5S’s key feature. With the device going on pre-order tomorrow and hitting shelves on September 20th, expect to hear plenty more about is implementation over the next few weeks.



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