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  5. Apple’s iPhone 5C / iPhone 5S launch invitation decoded

Apple’s iPhone 5C / iPhone 5S launch invitation decoded

Apple’s iPhone 5C / iPhone 5S launch invitation decoded

Mysteries come in all shapes and sizes. Just how did the Polynesians transport those vast, enigmatic stone heads to Easter Island, for instance? What really spooked the passengers on the Marie Celeste? And, like, how did hate figure du jour Vinnie Jones ever become a Hollywood star? Like, rilly?

We can't answer these posers. But, armed with some keen tech-world knowledge and our thinking caps, we can help decipher yesterday's similarly cryptic Apple invite for you. Below we put some of the theories doing the rounds to the uSwitch Tech test.

1 The coloured dots and talk of brightness means we'll get colour options

iphone 5s iphone 6 plastic blue

Perhaps the biggest no-brainer here. We’d be amazed if the invite's venn diagram-style intersecting circles in a cornucopia of hues don't herald the arrival of colour options for the budget-priced iPhone 5C.

The rubric’s talk of ‘brightening’ our days also offers cast-iron evidence that colours are part of Apple’s plans and that the days of the monochrome iPhone are over.

Previous leaks indicate that the iPhone 5C will land in green, red, yellow, light blue and white. But not black. More of which later…

2 The ‘everyone’ part of the text confirms the iPhone 5C will be low cost

expensive price

Apple’s promise that the announcement will ‘brighten everyone’s day’ – with the emphasis on ‘everyone’ – suggests that this is the year it will make iPhones more accessible to less-moneyed and younger consumers by releasing a long-awaited low-cost handset.

We think this is nailed-on. In fact, we'd be absolutely flummoxed if it didn't happen.

How Apple defines ‘cheap’ might differ from the average punter, though. But for what it’s worth, reports have named price points ranging from the just over £100 to a more realistic £250 or so.

3 No black dots could mean no black iPhone 5C

iphone 5s graphite 1 uswitch

Amid all the different coloured dots on the waybill, there’s no sign of a black one. That seemingly adds weight to rumours that the iPhone 5C will not be landing in black.

Alternatively, it could mean that Apple thought that black dots would detract from the vibrancy of the image used in the invite.

This checks out, given how the black model iPhone 5 was absent from the iOS 7 launch apparently because Apple perceived that the white model made the new version of the OS ‘pop’ more and seem more lively and colourful to the iFaithful.

However, a tip-off from a source means we’ve got good reason to believe that a black iPhone 5C won’t happen. And, for that matter, that the familiar black model of the iPhone 5S will be replaced by the graphite edition too.

4 The dots represent fingerprints and prove biometric tech is on board

iphone fingerprint apple insider

This is perhaps the most out-there theory. But there is plenty of evidence that biometric technology is in Apple’s plans to improve iPhones’ security credentials.

But while we’re not ruling a fingerprint scanner out for the next-gen iPhones, we’re just not convinced that the invite’s dots allude to fingerprints. It’s just a bit too much of a stretch is all. And the colour options theory is just so much more plausible.

5 Android-style live wallpapers are happening

live wallpaper

The fact that the dots appear to be floating on a white background is seen by some as ref to the live wallpapers that are coming to iOS with the seventh edition of the software.

What do we think? We think that although live wallpapers are very welcome, they're not even close to being enough of a selling point for Apple to ref them in the invite.

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