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Apple testing larger iPhones for 2014

Apple testing larger iPhones for 2014

Apple is testing 4.8-inch and 6-inch iPhone models, wth a view to launching a larger ‘phablet’ device in 2014.

That’s what ‘people familiar with the matter’ have told The Wall Street Journal, just days before the Cupertino company reveals its new, 4-inch iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

iPhone 5

The tests have been ongoing for a number of months, with Tim Cook and co said to prefer the 4.8-inch model.

While Apple has looked into phablets before, the sources claim that it seems far more willing to develop a larger smartphone now, thanks to the huge success of Samsung’s big-screened devices.

Having amped up the size of the iPhone in 2012, with a taller 4-inch screen letting users still play with the device one-handed, Apple had hoped to end the clamour for a larger handset. But phablets have now become de rigeur across the budget and high-end of the smartphone spectrum, forcing it to act.

Apple could therefore release its 4.8-inch iPhone in 2014, with that model widely expected to offer more than the mere iterative update expected on September 10th.



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