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iPhone 3GS faster than iPhone 5s?

iPhone 3GS faster than iPhone 5s?

In breathless ads for the iPhone 5s, Apple loudly trumpets the phone’s zippy A7 processor, all-new operating system and sheer sense of 'snap'. To give Cupertino’s marketing men their due, the adverts make a typically brillaint fist of selling the handset to the masses.

But a clip from Everything Apple Pro offers cast-iron proof that processing brawn isn’t necessarily the be-all and end-all in the smartphone speed stakes. And having the new version of a smartphone operating system is no guarantee of supremacy either.

In the video, the tester lines up every generation iPhone model so far and shuts them down simultaneously to see which one responds fastest.

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s the 3GS that shuts down first. It’s followed in quick succession by the 3G, the 4 and then the positively pensionable (in tech terms, anyway) iPhone 2G.

a7 processor iphone 5s

Conversely, every one of the newer models, all of which run the brand-new, swizzy iOS 7 operating system and offer much more processing grunt, shut down simultaneously a few seconds after.

Powering on the phone is a slightly different story. Here it’s the 5S, 5c, 5 and 4s that head the field. But fourth to turn on was the trusty iPhone 2G, with the 4, 3GS and 3 bringing up the rear.

Where the 5s does show its mettle is on the final test of loading a web page. Here it easily outpaces the field to bring up the page in seconds. That’s just what 4G connectivity does for you, right?

The other handsets come in what looks to us the order of their release for the only time in the test.

News of the findings comes amid something of a mixed reception to iOS 7. For every glowing write-up from tech scribes, there is an informal user review grousing about reduced battery life and even animation-inducted motion sickness.



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