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iPhone 5c: Which network should you go for?

iPhone 5c: Which network should you go for?

The iPhone 5c is the most colourful handset Apple has ever made, coming in five bright hues.

The downside? It's not as cheap as we were expecting. The 16GB costs £469 SIM-free, while the 32GB will set you back £549.

But what about on contract from the networks, which is how we figure most of you will be looking to get your hands on one? Let's take a look and see who's offering the best deals.


three logo new large

The 16GB 5c can be yours on Three for £49 up front, on a £37-a-month contract. It's a 24-month deal though, so you'll be locked in for two years.

It's not too cheap, but you will get unlimited data for your money, and it will give you 4G speeds when Three gets its LTE network up and running. It's promised it won't charge any extra for 4G, so you're guaranteed no hidden fees.


EE news

EE wants £10 up front for the 16GB iPhone 5c, then you'll have to pay at least £46 a month for two years. It's capped at 10GB of data, but it is 4G, as EE's LTE network is fully functional and in more towns and cities than any other.

If you want to pay less every month, you can shell out more upfront. Pay £190, and you can get it on a £26-a-month contract, but you'll only get 500MB of data. Which is fine for browsing and emailing, but not if you want to download a lot and take advantage of 4G's nippier speeds.


T-Mobile news

A one-off payment of £89, followed by 24 instalments of £31 a month gets you the 5c on T-Mobile. Though there are cheaper options.

Pay £350 straight off, and it can be yours for just £7 a month, though you only get 50 minutes of chat and 100 texts, along with 250MB of data. It won't be 4G either.

The cheapest you can pay upfront on T-Mobile is £30, but then you'll be faced with a monthly fee of £42. That does get you unlimited minutes, texts and data, though.


Orange news

Orange's plans are similar to T-Mobile's, which isn't surprising, seeing as they're both owned by EE. Its cheapest monthly tariff is £10.50, but you'll have to pay £300 for the handset.

That only gets you 30 minutes of chat, 500 texts and 100MB of data, which seems a bit stingy. If you want to pay just £10 upfront, you'll have to pay at least £46 a month.


Vodafone logo red large

If you want the iPhone 5c without paying upfront, it'll set you back £47 a month for the 4G version, or £42 a month for the 3G. Mid-range offerings include paying a one-off fee of £79 and then £33 a month for the 3G, or £19 upfront and then £42 a month for the 4G.


O2 news

Pay just £30 upfront, and you can get the 16GB 5c for £32 a month, which is a bit of a steal. It'll get you 750MB of data and 600 minutes of talk time. The downside? It's not on 4G.

If you do want it on 4G, you'll have to pay £10 more a month and £100 upfront. 4G won't reach the new iPhones on O2 until November, either, so you'll have to wait a few weeks for the speed bump.

You will be able to upgrade during your two-year contract though, thanks to O2's Refresh program, which splits the overall cost between your phone and your plan. Roll on the iPhone 6!

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