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  5. iPhone 5s & 5c: Phones 4u refutes talk of stock shortage

iPhone 5s & 5c: Phones 4u refutes talk of stock shortage

iPhone 5s & 5c: Phones 4u refutes talk of stock shortage

iPhone 5s and 5c stock shortages might be blighting some retailers, resellers and networks, but Phones 4u isn't among them. At least, not according to a mover and shaker at the retailer.

Talk of widespread shortages of the handsets has been rife among industry sages since before the forthcoming iPhones were even officially announced.

The shortfall in availability is apparently especially severe with the iPhone 5s, purportedly due to manufacturing problems and an undersupply of chips needed for the Talk ID fingerprint scanner.

However, in a breathless statement issued today, Phones 4u’s Chief Commercial Officer Scott Hooton appeared to rule out the prospect of limited availability at the chain, after claiming to have secured five times as much iPhone stock as usual.

Phones 4u is expected to get deals live online from 12.01pm tonight, which might be a smart option given the huge crowds expected at bricks-and-mortar retailers tomorrow.

iphone 5s gold large

Hooton said: “Apple mania has truly taken a firm grip on the nation this week, so we are extremely pleased to be putting five times more iPhone stock into store for launch, compared to any other year before, which will help enable us to meet this demand from our customers.

“We are also proud to announce that we anticipate to have iPhone stock available in every Phones 4u store across the UK at launch this Friday, as well as over the launch weekend.

“This is great news for all those iPhone fans who are wanting to get their hands on the latest smartphones from Apple!”

The iPhone 5s and 5c, which unlike its top-end running mate is available to pre-order now, go on sale tomorrow.

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