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  5. iPhone 5s and 5c now support 4G on O2

iPhone 5s and 5c now support 4G on O2

iPhone 5s and 5c now support 4G on O2

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c owners on O2 can now surf the web on 4G, after Apple enabled support for the service.

Until now, users of the new iPhones on O2 could only use 3G and couldn’t access the super-fast speeds offered by 4G.

This was because O2’s 4G offering, which launched back in August, is deployed on the 800Mhz band – a frequency that the 5s and 5c did not initially support.

In order to get your handset up and running, though, you’ll need to tweak some of your phone’s settings.

Helpfully, O2 has put up a walkthrough web page with step-by-step instructions, which we’re reproduced here:

Using iTunes

1 Put your sim into iPhone.

2 Connect iPhone to your Mac or PC using the USB cable provided. iTunes will open automatically. Make sure you're connected to the internet.

3 A window will automatically pop up, asking to install carrier update settings. Click 'Update settings'.

4 You'll get on-screen confirmation that your settings have been updated successfully. Then you're ready to go.

o2 4g unofficial

Over Wi-Fi

1 Put your sim into iPhone.

2 Turn on iPhone and follow the onscreen instructions to activate and set it up.

3 After you've activated your iPhone, tap Settings > General > About.

4 You'll automatically be asked to update your carrier settings. Tap 'Update'. Then you're ready to go.

Locations where O2 has switched on 4G are Birmingham, Bradford, Coventry, Leeds, Leicester, London, Nottingham and Sheffield.

The carrier has pledged to achieve 98% indoor and outdoor coverage by 2015.



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