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  5. iOS 7 motion sickness affects 1 in 4 iPhone and iPad users, survey reveals

iOS 7 motion sickness affects 1 in 4 iPhone and iPad users, survey reveals

iOS 7 motion sickness affects 1 in 4 iPhone and iPad users, survey reveals

More than 25 per cent of iDevice owners running iOS 7 have experienced motion sickness as a result of the software’s whizzy animations, it has emerged, revealing that the problem might be more widespread than previously thought.

Within days of the massively overhauled, redesigned iOS 7’s much heralded rollout last month, iPhone and iPad owners began reporting they felt nauseous and suffered headaches when using their gadgets.

The strange phenom was attributed to the more 'alive' feel of the new operating system (CF: the animations it features when opening and closing apps and the slight parallax effect when iPhones or iPads are tilted).

Although widely reported, the relatively small volume of motion sickness-related complaints and testimonies on Apple forums and in tech sites’ comments sections initially suggested that the problem was restricted to a fairly minor, but very vocal, sub-section of users.

Not so. Or at least not if uSwitch Tech’s site-user poll can be believed. Of 1,277 respondents, more than one in four (27%) said they had suffered motion sickness a result of iOS 7.

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Given that hundreds of millions of iOS devices are now running the latest version of the platform, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that there are probably tens of millions of people experiencing iOS 7-related illness.

The survey’s findings come amid a welter of separate issues with iOS 7, including iMessage failing to send SMS missives, as well as lockscreen security issues and logout woes with some high-profile apps.

Perhaps not surprisingly, then, iOS 7 has had a mixed reception from consumers so far. Opinion is even fiercely divided over the normally sainted Jonathan Ive’s remixed app icons, with some praising their ‘more modern’ feel, whist others have rubbished the new look as ‘childish’.

iOS 7’s polarising effect was laid bare last week when 40% of respondents to a separate uSwitch Tech poll said they prefer iOS 6.

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