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  5. iPhone 5C narrows sales gap with iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C narrows sales gap with iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C narrows sales gap with iPhone 5S

Reports of the iPhone 5C’s death are much exaggerated, it seems, after industry intelligence surfaced indicating that the handset’s sales could be recovering from a slow start.

For weeks now, reports have suggested that the phone was hit by much weaker-than-expected demand. This purportedly prompted Apple to scale back production, while boosting production of the hugely oversubscribed premium iPhone 5S model.

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The move followed research released shortly after launch showing that the iPhone 5S was outselling its stablemate by a margin of five to one, according to numbers crunched by analysts at Localytics. Inevitably, the phone was subsequently dubbed a ‘flop’ by a number of tech-watchers.

However, today the outlook for the 5C looks to be a bit rosier. Localytics now calculates that the gap between the devices has closed substantially. While the iPhone 5S is still outselling the iPhone, the margin was narrowed to a more modest two-to-one ratio.

A post on the market research firm’s blog states: “In recent weeks, the iPhone 5c has been written off by many pundits as too expensive to serve its primary purpose of acting as a bridgehead into emerging markets.

“About one month since the initial launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C, the 5C is steadily gaining traction as the ratio of active 5S’s to 5Cs in the U.S. is down by a factor of 1.9X.”

It’s likely that some of the sales fillip can be attributed to the fact that the 5C seems to be getting a more visible marketing push via TV and billboard ads than the 5S. In the UK, at least.

Prior to launch, it was thought that the 5C’s sales would far outstrip the 5S. However, that was still when some analysts were forecasting a SIM-free price as low as £250, instead of the actual price of £469-£529.



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