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iPhone 5s compass levels incorrect

iPhone 5s compass levels incorrect

Apple is facing up to another glitch with the iPhone 5s, after tests revealed its compass levels, and therefore a slew of key features, were not working properly.

In an exhaustive round-up, Gizmodo has found that the levels on the iPhone 5s are off by around 2-3 degrees. That means the spirit level function is next to useless for getting things straight, hardly ideal for DIY.

The gyroscope was found to be 3 degrees out on the 5s too, making gaming awkward, especially driving titles.

The compass on the new phone is said to be up to 10 degrees out compared to that on 2012’s iPhone 5. Not great if you’re using the phone to get a bearing, or if your phone’s Maps app is trying to get your position spot-on.

The issue doesn’t appear on an iPhone 5 using iOS 7 and seems to be confined to the new top-end handset. It’s unclear though whether this is a purely hardware problem or one which is caused by dodgy iPhone 5s software.

It comes after Apple admitted problems with iMessage earlier this week, saying it would issue a fix to irate users.



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