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  5. Spotify goes free on iPhone and Android, if you don't mind ads

Spotify goes free on iPhone and Android, if you don't mind ads

Spotify goes free on iPhone and Android, if you don't mind ads

Apple and Android smartphone and tablet owners can now stream songs for free with Spotify, after the music moguls extended their ad-supported service to mobile devices.

Until now, smartphone users could only use Spotify if they paid a subscription, which also gives them unlimited listening and means their tunes aren't interrupted by ads.

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Desktop computer and laptop users, however, have been listen to ten hours of music per month for free. But with ads – seemingly mostly for Spotify itself - punctuating their music every couple of tracks or so.

From today, though, the ad-funded version of Spotify will be available on smartphones and tablets, including the likes of Android-powered kits from Samsung and HTC, the full gamut of iPhones and iPads.

Better still, the ten-hour limit will no longer apply, opening up the celestial jukebox to you sans restrictions.

But before you get too excited, there is a bit of a catch. That’s that although smartphone owners can put together playlists of the platters that matter to them, they’ll only be able to access them in shuffle mode.

Tablet owners aren’t subject to those restrictions. They’re free to chop and change at will, selecting what they want to listen to and when.

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Spotify main mover Daniel Elk claimed that making mobile access free could be just the carrot consumers need to persuade them to pay for unfettered music streaming.

Elk said: “Our very clear mission is getting more people to access and discover more great music.

"Along with more free users there will be more subscribers, and that means more revenue back to the industry."

Spotify’s other big announcement was that Led Zeppelin has become the latest big white whale of rock to join the service.

So if hoary old myths, thundering riffola and big hair are your things (and it seems they’re everyone’s things apart from me), fill your boots.

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