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Top 5 Android and iPhone apps for January 2014

Top 5 Android and iPhone apps for January 2014

Get a new smartphone over Christmas? Loaded it up with all the usual add-ons, from Flipboard to Candy Crush? Of course you have.

But what if you want a taste of something new and different?

Well, we’ve picked out five spanking new add-ons that’ll make you more productive, keep you entertained and ensure you’re getting the most out of your smartphone.

Read on and we’ll reveal all.

1 Interviewy, Free, iOS

interviewy ios

This clever new dictaphone app is a must-have if you need to record important meetings, one-to-ones or lectures.

Its simple, smart design belies a clever feature which puts it well ahead of your average voice recorder.

Tap the speech bubble key in the middle of the screen and it’ll add a so-called TypeTag to your recording. That's so you can pick out key moments while chatting, essentially bookmarking the bits you need to transcribe and letting you forget the rest. It even syncs with iCloud too.

Download Interviewy here: Interviewy

2 SkySpy, Free, iOS


This great little game won’t have you flicking birds across your display, but it will give you that same competitive edge you can’t suppress every time you do a pub quiz.

The aim is simple: To identify classic British landmarks from above. There are multiple choice answers and a string of different categories.

Our pick is unquestionably Premier League grounds. Others include London landmarks and historical British sites. A game that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve wasted an hour of your life.

Download SkySpy here: SkySpy

3 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, £4.99, iOS and Android

grand theft auto san andreas logo

This classic game landed just before Christmas, but we’re still chronically addicted. A port of the ultimate PS2 title, it adds neat touchscreen controls and lets you cruise around the vast world of San Andreas as Carl Johnson, a reformed gangster returned to help his pals for one last time.

It looks fantastic and is a breeze to play. If you’ve got an Apple TV, might we suggest using AirPlay mirroring to bring it back to life on the big screen?

Download the iOS GTA here iTunes

Want the Android edition? That's here: Google Play

4 Final Fantasy VI, £10.99, Android

final fantasy iv android

Live now on Google Play and with an iOS release imminent, this 90s classic is another amazing throwback that’s well worth shelling out for.

The original 1994 game has been tweaked to perfection, with the graphics given an overhaul so they look spot on on hi-res displays.

The controls are as good as you’ll find on any touchscreen RPG too. If reminiscing on your smartphone is your thing, then this is the game to get.

Download Final Fantasy VI here: Final Fantasy VI

Clean and Green Eating, £1.99, iOS and Android

clean and green eating

Still keeping up your New Year resolution to exercise and not eat rubbish?

Well, if you need added inspiration, this superb app is where it’s at.

It has over 120 healthy recipes to ensure you don’t wind up in the McDonalds queue, tail between your legs.

You can personalise settings to only show recipes which use ingredients you like and it also has a special shopping list section so you can add what you need before you brave the supermarket.

Download the iOS edition here: iTunes

The Android app? That's here: Google Play

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