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Apple iPad Pro: Is the super–sized slate being sidelined?

Apple iPad Pro: Is the super–sized slate being sidelined?

Chatter about Apple’s iPad Pro, a 12.9–inch version of its market–leading tablet, has been doing the rounds since the middle of 2013.

But now it seems the device that fanboys and hardcore users have been craving is going to have to wait.

Well–known analyst Ming–Chi Kuo reckons Apple is holding off on releasing such a tablet until 2015, suggesting rumours of a spring release are wide of the mark.

His reasoning? That Apple is happy to try and push the successful iPad Air harder in 2014, adding Touch ID tech and improving its screen.

The regular sized iPad is selling well and it doesn’t fancy compromising that.

ipad air review 4

Throw in the development of the iWatch and new Apple TV developments, and it seems there’s only so much Apple can do.

That all suggests that Apple is sidelining the iPad Pro. It certainly makes sense.

Such massive tablets are still in their nascent stage. Samsung’s super–sized Galaxy Tabs were only revealed in January.

Then consider that power users may want an iPad Pro so they can use Microsoft Office, something which is as yet unavailable on iPad, and you can see the reasoning behind Apple holding fire for now.

Tim Cook will want to see how well Samsung manages in this space before committing to it. That’s understandable.

Tim Cook at Apple keynote

Despite rave reviews, Kuo claims the iPad Mini is struggling compared to the iPad Air.

Why release a 12.9–inch tablet when a smaller, more portable model isn’t selling as well as you’d hoped?

Clearly, as rumours fly around, the iWatch is now taking centre stage in Cupertino.

Diversifying the tablet line-up, especially when it’s stable and the money raised from it comes largely via apps rather than device sales, doesn’t make sense at the moment.

It’s been four years since Apple last introduced a new product category with the first iPad.

It’ll need to have all its focus on its smartwatch this year, as well as beefing-up the iPhone, so surely pushing the iPad Pro back is a smart move.

iwatch flexible screen

There are also still very real questions about how many people would use such a capacious device.

Is it really valuable in the classroom? And with the slow death of PCs, do people really want to lug around a 12.9–inch device any more?

It’s cumbersome and there are other, better options (the iPad Air primary among them) on the market.

Maybe the whole notion of an iPad Pro should be canned for good.

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