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iWatch: 5 key influences on Apple’s all–new product

iWatch: 5 key influences on Apple’s all–new product

Chatter about Apple’s iWatch is already approaching fever pitch. And we’re still at least six months away from Tim Cook revealing the device which has been mentioned across the web for over a year now.

There’s been so much talk about the iWatch’s fitness smarts and its potential features, though, that we can already get a good idea of what Apple wants it smartwatch to do.

So, we’ve gone over the gossip with a fine tooth comb and picked out what we think will be the key influences on the gadget of 2014. Read on for all the details.

1 Nike FuelBand

Nike FuelBand generic banner

Nike’s influence on the iWatch simply cannot be underestimated.

Tim Cook sits on the sports giant’s board and Apple has hired Jay Blahnik, a fitness guru who helped Nike develop the Fuelband.

Cook is on record with how much he loves Nike’s fitness tracker, saying the company has done ‘a great job’ with it.

Seeing as Nike’s fitness app is native on the iPod nano, expect to see Apple draw plenty of inspiration for the iWatch from other Nike kit, especially the Fuelband.

2 Basis B1 Band

basis b1 band

Health is at the heart of the Basis B1 Band. It not only tracks your heart rate and blood pressure, it’ll also check on your core temperature and even look at the intensity of your workout.

With all the talk about Apple’s new HealthBook app for iOS 8 and its integration with the iWatch, you can be sure Jony Ive and Apple’s designers will have looked at the Basis to see how it can do things as well, if not better.

3 Fitbit Flex

fitbit flex

Fitbit has carved out a niche with its excellent health trackers. The Flex, which looks similar in design to Nike’s FuelBand, is surely another touchstone for Apple.

Its design is minimal, it looks into everything from calories burned to distance covered, and has an excellent website for stashing and reviewing personal data.

Chuck in its ability to track sleep patterns, something Apple reputedly wants its HealthBook app to do and you can be certain this is a device that Cupertino staffers are using daily.

4 Pronto 7

pronto 7

A medical gadget. But one that has a unique place in the iWatch story.

See, this piece of kit was developed by Marcelo Lamego, a man hired by Apple in January from medical device firm Cercacor.

It can track oxygen saturation levels, something Apple may want to push in future versions of HealthBook and the iWatch. Lamego’s position at Apple shows it’s taking this whole fitness thing very seriously indeed.

5 Samsung Galaxy Gear

samsung galaxy gear official orange

Apple won’t have looked to Sammy’s failed attempt at a smart watch for design hints or software ideas.

Rather, it will want to learn all about how not to launch a smartwatch. Samsung’s device suffered from an over abundance of features, something Apple will be keenly aware of.

The first generation of any Apple device always plays it safe, so Cook and co will use Sammy’s effort as a marker. Don’t overdo it on your first go.

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