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  5. iWatch: Apple hires sleep expert from Philips

iWatch: Apple hires sleep expert from Philips

iWatch: Apple hires sleep expert from Philips

Apple has enlisted the services of a so-called sleep expert to work its iWatch, as clues as to the smartwatch's functionality continue to emerge ahead of its expected appearance later this year.

Roy J.E.M. Raymann has been drafted in from Philips’ Research division, suggesting Cupertino is actively looking to use the iWatch to track sleep and rest patterns.

Raymann set up Philips’s Sleep Experience Laboratory and has written a number of papers about sleep patterns and how they can be tracked.

It all points to Apple aping the likes of Fitbit and Jawbone, both of which have devices capable of tracking sleep activity. That includes everything from how you move throughout the night to the number of hours spent in deep sleep.

While Philips has confirmed Raymann no longer works for them, Apple is yet to give the official nod regarding his recruitment. However, insiders say he is already hard at work on this aspect of the iWatch.

Earlier this week, reports emerged of a new Healthbook app which could be the main new feature of Apple’s iOS 8 platform.

Word is that this will tie into the iWatch’s myriad fitness functions. This latest development shows that sleep tracking could be another feature to consider as that autumn launch date nears.



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