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  5. iPhone 6 and iWatch: Healthbook photos leak, lay bare app’s huge scope

iPhone 6 and iWatch: Healthbook photos leak, lay bare app’s huge scope

iPhone 6 and iWatch: Healthbook photos leak, lay bare app’s huge scope

Images have surfaced online of the health-tracking app that’s set to be a key selling point of Apple’s next-gen smartphone and first-ever smartwatch, suggesting we’ll be in for an application that packs a huge range of metrics for measuring your wellbeing.

Sourced by 9to5 Mac, the photos of Healthbook, which are complete recreations of actual screenshots, show what seems to be a supremely multi-faceted app that monitors heart-rate, hydration levels, blood pressure, sleep, weight and oxygen saturation.

But that’s just the half of it. It’s also capable of tracking blood sugar levels, blood pressure, nutrition and exercise, as well as your respiratory rate and weight. There really is nowhere to hide from the quantifying capabilities of this particular quantified-self tool, it seems.

Looks a lot like Passbook. But for health.

In terms of looks, Healthbook most resembles Apple’s much maligned, little-used Passbook app, with a layout that takes the form of a series of ‘cards’.

What’s less apparent is what and how much the iWatch or iPhone 6 will be able to detect and monitor.

Although blood-testing capabilities have actually been mooted for the iWatch, our hunch is that a fair few of Healthbook’s categories are intended to be filled in with information you glean from your GP and your medical history rather than gen you get from a gadget.

healthbook unofficial 2

Even more intriguing is whether any single device could ever be capable of quantifying the breadth of data that Healthbook tracks. It certainly seems like a lot to ask from the iWatch and iPhone alone.

That suggests that Apple could be planning wearables other than the iWatch. Or that support for third-party accessories – say, from the tech giant’s close partner Nike – will be included.

Keen to find out the truth? That's due to emerge come June, when iOS 8 is set to debut at Apple’s WWDC event for devs.


9to5 Mac

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