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iPhone 6: five key rumours you need to know

iPhone 6: five key rumours you need to know

It’s at least another six months until Apple pulls the wrappers off the iPhone 6.

But already the rumourmill has worked itself into a frenzy, with whispers emerging daily about screen sizes, processors and clever new tech to put the device ahead of its rivals.

With so much chatter around, though, it’s hard to work out what’s worth taking seriously.

So, we’ve gathered the five juiciest morsels going and put them right here for your delectation.

Read on and find out all you need to know about the iPhone 6.

1 Larger screen

iphone 6 leak shell and screen

That the iPhone 6 will come with a larger screen seems like a no-brainer.

Apple’s current iPhone line-up uses 4–inch screens, far smaller than the phablet–sized wonders that have become bestsellers for Samsung and Google.

Previous speculation has pointed to a massive 5.5–inch effort, a 4.7–inch number and, the current gossip-hounds’ favourite, a 4.3–inch display.

The latter makes a lot of sense.

It’s sizeable enough to seem a step up and Apple can cut down on the phone’s bezel in order to accommodate it without bulking up the overall size too much.

It’s an approach that works well with Sony’s Z1 Compact, so there’s no reason why Apple can’t do the same.

2 Two variants

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c family (official)

Much has been made of Apple going for a two–pronged approach with the iPhone 6.

But rather than offer a cheaper, plastic model, like the poorly–performing iPhone 5C, it’s believed Cupertino is considering a phablet and a standard–sized device, both with impressive specs.

There have been plenty of supply-chain sources discussing Apple’s tests of handsets up to 6–inches in size.

Going with two top–end phones may be a decent way for Apple to hedge its bets and see what the appetite for an Apple phablet is really like.

3 A8 processor being made already

a8 processor mock up

The latest chatter coming out of Taiwan is that Apple’s component partner there, Taiwan Semiconductor, is already hard at work manufacturing the company’s new A8 chipsets.

Samsung is apparently no longer making chips for Apple; a huge change considering it has done so for years.

The A8 is said to pack quad-core graphics skills, as well as a 64–bit quad core processor.

That should provide ample grunt for iOS’s ever–growing roster of power–hungry games and apps.

4 HealthBook app

healthbook mock up ios 8

HealthBook is believed to be iOS 8’s major calling card and will doubtless be a key native feature of the iPhone 6.

With fitness tracking, including heart rate monitoring, calorie counting and distance measurements, it will most likely dovetail with the iWatch, Apple’s other key 2014 announcement.

With Samsung already playing up its credentials in this field with its S Health app for its new Galaxy S5, Apple cannot afford to be left behind.

5 Proximity adaptation smarts

proximity sensor iphone 6

An intriguing prospect and one that has been unearthed by patent fanatics, who keep a keen eye on Apple innovation.

Including proximity sensors would allow Apple to adjust brightness depending on his close you got to the screen, even increasing or decreasing the size of text and images as you bring the device closer to your peepers.

This could be the kind of neat gimmick that would secure headlines, even if its practical usage may be a bit limited.

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