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iPhone hits 500 million mark

iPhone hits 500 million mark

Apple has sold 500 million iPhones as of the start of March. That’s the word from a new report which has brought together the number of official sales up until Apple’s last reported quarter and added it to analysts' projections for the first three months of 2014.

472 million iPhones were sold between 2007 and December 2013. Taking the 42 million projected sales of Morgan Stanley and the average of 38 million sales suggested by other analysts, Forbes reckons Apple broke the 500 million barrier on or around March 8th.

Interestingly, sales of iPhones appear to be speeding up, with Apple reaching the current milestone six weeks faster than when it made it to 400 million devices sold.

While Apple has been more than happy to celebrate billions of app sales and even the 30th anniversary of the Mac, it seems to be keeping quiet on this one until the official numbers are in at the start of April.

Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 6, is due to launch at the end of the year, featuring a larger display and iOS 8 with dedicated HealthBook app.



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