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iPhone 6: 5.5” phablet to land months after the 4.7” model?

iPhone 6: 5.5” phablet to land months after the 4.7” model?

Would-be owners of the much-rumoured 5.5-inch iPhone phablet might have to wait longer than they thought, amid fresh rumours that the phone won’t in fact tip up alongside a new, smaller Apple smartphone in September.

According to insiders cited by Taiwanese site Commercial Times, the jumbo-sized iPhone will land months after its more compact running mate. That's in line with murmurings from supply-chain sources in recent weeks.

Intriguingly, the purported reason for the delay isn’t that Apple wants to give the 5.5-inch model a moment in the spotlight of its very own. Or even rumoured challenges manufacturing the more expansive display.

Rather it would appear that the handset has been postponed due to problems fitting it with a super-slim battery.

The site claims that Apple is bidding to trim the height of the battery by 2 millimetres. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a reduction of a third from the cell that’s sitting in the current-gen iPhone.

The report also revives chatter that the 4.7-inch device could yet be titled the iPhone Air. Even casual Apple-watchers will know that this is the suffix that Cupertino uses for ultra-lightweight gadgets, CF: the iPad Air and MacBook Air.

iphone 6 panel leak

Earlier this month, what could be the first picture of the larger, next-gen iPhone surfaced online, in what's sure to be the first of many leaks in the run-up to its release.

The panel was notable for its slimmed down, barely-there bezels (that’s the trim around the screen). Reducing the bezel would enable Apple to incorporate a larger screen without expanding the device itself.

Otherwise, the design of the phone seems largely unchanged, with close inspection suggesting that the location of the home button, speaker and front-facing camera will remain the same as the iPhone 5S.


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