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iPhone 6: Is this the most hyped iPhone ever?

iPhone 6: Is this the most hyped iPhone ever?

Hype is part of the game when it comes to a new iPhone.

Every year since 2006, in the months before the first model was revealed, the web has been a feeding frenzy of spy pics, idle chatter and analysts' predictions as a new launch approaches.

Usually, things start within a matter of days after the unveiling of a new model, moving slowly and predictably towards an insane crescendo about 11 and a half months later.

It’s become such a part of tech news cycle that no one questions it any more.

But even by 2012 and 2013’s standards, the hype around 2014’s iPhone 6 has been crazy.

Let’s remind ourselves that it’s mid–April. We are about six months out from getting a new iPhone.

iPhone 6 weibo leak

iOS 8 hasn’t even been officially revealed.

And yet every day it seems we learn more and more about the iPhone.

Its two sizes, its metal design, even the shape of its moulds, the latter courtesy of Chinese social media.

The insanity comes down to a few factors.

This is a year when Apple will ‘properly’ update its iPhone, rather than slap an ‘S’ on the name and tweak the insides.

iphone 6 cast

That means things are chaotic as they were before the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

But there’s added intrigue this year as Apple is finally set to move up to phablet size.

How do we know? It recently admitted that ‘consumers want what we don’t have’ in a slide revealed during its patent trial with Samsung.

Steve Jobs always claimed that punters didn’t know what they wanted until they saw it.

The issue is they’ve seen Samsung, HTC and Sony’s larger phones and believe that’s the future.

iphone 6 leak mornray

An iPhone phablet will doubtless be a bestseller. Hence all the intrigue.

It will also look different to the current models, therefore chatter about design and renders from graphics firms have become sought-after.

Add in the usual bluster of ‘supply-chain sources’ and you’ve got a recipe for some serious rumour-mongering.

And it’s only going to get more frenetic. WWDC will see iOS 8 revealed, with clues as to what we can expect from the iPhone 6 searched out at every opportunity.

iphone 6 drawing 1

Six months is a long time for no more rumours to emerge, so expect to hear more about screen sizes, cameras and button configurations as the weeks pass.

The only thing we can guarantee is that a new iPhone will launch in 2014.

And that in the week or so afterwards, the world’s attention will turn to the next one.

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