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  5. Nike CEO "excited" about partnership with Apple

Nike CEO "excited" about partnership with Apple

Nike CEO "excited" about partnership with Apple

Last week, Nike canned the FuelBand, sacking a raft of employees who worked on the device and shelving any plans for future versions. Now its CEO has further fuelled swirling speculation over the sports giant's plans by confirming that he's "excited" about working with Apple in the future.

The news is sure to stoke rumours that surfaced last week that the two companies working on an iBand fitness band.

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"I will say the relationship between Nike and Apple will continue," Nike CEO Mark Parker told CNBC in an interview. "I am personally, as we all are at Nike, very excited about what's to come."

Though he didn't mention an iBand, he did point out that the two companies have a rich history of collaboration.

He said: "We've been working with [Apple] for a long time. We're excited about where that relationship will go forward.

"It's really about expanding the reach of Nike Fuel, and the best way to do that, we think, is through the best partnerships we can find."

Apple and Nike are practically joined at the hip. Apple CEO Tim Cook sits on Nike's board, and has been seen wearing the FuelBand. He has also been quoted as saying that Nike did "a great job" on the device.

Rumours suggest Apple will make the iBand hardware, with Nike supplying the software.

When Nike put the kibosh on the FuelBand, it said it would continue to support Nike Fuel on other platforms, hinting that the software would expand to other devices.

Parker also told CNBC that about 30 million people currently use the FuelBand, and that the company wants to up that to over 100 million. Launching a new device with Apple would certainly be a huge leg-up to reach that goal.



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