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iPhone 5S cheap 8GB model landing at WWDC?

iPhone 5S cheap 8GB model landing at WWDC?

Apple will debut an entry-level, cheaper version of its flagship smartphone next week at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) confab, reports suggest.

WWDC is where new versions of Apple’s smartphone/tablet software typically tip up. And this year, it seems, is no exception, with tech-watchers anticipating we’ll get our first look at iOS 8 and the rather triffic-sounding HealthBook quantified-self app.

But it’s not just freshly baked software that’s going to emerge squinting and dazzled into the light.

According to well regarded industry sage Ming-Chi Kuo of analysts KGI, a research note for investors penned by whom was obtained by Apple Insider, we can also look forward to a more affordable iMac.

And much more interestingly, there’s likely to be an 8GB edition of the iPhone 5S too, with a price point that reflects the lower capacity it offers.

It’s thought that the handset is principally aimed at the developing world, where low-cost Android phones currently dominate.

iphone 5s gold large

However, as with the 8GB edition of the rather less premium iPhone 5C, the budget iPhone 5S is almost certain to get a release in core Western markets too.

Kuo’s forecasts come amid signs that Apple will hold off on launching the iWatch smartwatch until later in the year. The tech giant’s first-ever foray could still make a teasing cameo appearance at the event, though.

Pricing for the 8GB iPhone 5S is anyone’s guess. But going by the £40 price difference between the 8GB iPhone 5C and the 16GB edition, we reckon you can expect to pick one up for just shy of £500.


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