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  5. iPhone 6: 5.5” edition dubbed iPhone 6 Pro, set to sell for $100 more?

iPhone 6: 5.5” edition dubbed iPhone 6 Pro, set to sell for $100 more?

iPhone 6: 5.5” edition dubbed iPhone 6 Pro, set to sell for $100 more?

Details of Apple’s marketing plans for its first-ever phablet may have emerged online, as the gadget-maker readies itself to go toe-to-toe with Android in its own backyard.

The rise of generously dimensioned smartphones/phablets is inextricably linked to the rise of Android. It’s a trend that's been driven by the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note range and has helped Google’s platform to surge in popularity amid massive consumer demand for handheld devices that blur the lines between phones and tablets.

Today, though, we might just have got a better idea just how Apple plans to get a foothold in the phablet game with its long-rumoured 5.5-inch iPhone.

Information in a report from Nomura Securities, citing insider sources, indicates that Apple will market the device at power users by titling it the ‘iPhone 6 Pro’. That would represent something of a departure for the company, which typically aims squarely at the mainstream market.

iphone 6 dummy 2

Interestingly, it seems the tech giant will also ask $100 more for its phablet to cover the cost of the larger screen and the use of costlier sapphire glass.

That would suggest we’re looking at SIM-free price of $650 for the lower-end, similarly unconfirmed 4.7-inch edition and $750 for the 5.5-inch model. For UK prices, assume those dollars are pounds and you’re there.

The mooted $100 premium tallies with predictions from Peter Misek, an analyst at Jeffries, who claims to have evidence that Apple is currently negotiating with carriers over the putative higher price.

Talk of Apple’s intentions come amid separate rumours that this year’s handsets will feature the HealthBook wellbeing app and a redesigned frame with a repositioned power button and more rounded edges.



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