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iPhone 6: Five new things we’ve learned

iPhone 6: Five new things we’ve learned

The sheer volume of iPhone 6 chat has left all but the hardiest of Apple watchers utterly overwhelmed.

Not a day has passed in the past three months when some new rumour or leak has cropped up.

And with today’s new video detailing a dummy model of the device next to this year’s crop of rival smartphones, there’s even more to chew over.

So, we took some time to pull together five new things we’ve learned about the iPhone 6.

From design influences to release dates, we’ve got the best of bunch. Read on and we’ll give you all the latest gossip.

1 HTC’s influence is clear

Watch blogger MKBHD’s clip of the iPhone 6 compared to its capacious competitors and one thing is clear.

Apple has finally realised that bigger is better. But what’s even more evident is just how much Jony Ive and his team love HTC’s One (M8).

The curved finish of the Taiwanese mobile maker’s superb flagship looks to have been a major influence on Apple’s thinking.

Having led the way for so long, as Apple finally part of the ‘me too’ brigade?

2 Touch ID is a goer on both models

touch id iphone 5s

New chatter has emerged about Apple’s plans for its fingerprint scanning Touch ID module.

So far it’s only featured on the top end iPhone 5S.

But both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 are set to get in on the action, as Apple abandons its approach of offering a cheaper model without the feature.

This comes as no surprise after the sluggish sales of last year’s iPhone 5c.

3 It promises to be extra slim

iphone 6 bgr comparison

The 6mm frame is absurdly thin. The HTC One (M8) comes in at 9.4mm, making it a chubby rival by comparisons.

The dummy model may of course be slightly out when it comes to dimensions, but clearly Apple wants to gun for a few records so it can shout from the rooftops once the device hits the shelves.

4 Bezels galore

iphone 6 dummy 2

While the iPhone 6 may be ultra thin, Apple clearly isn’t worried about including edge-to-edge glass.

Like its older iPads and MacBook Air 11-inch, Apple has included some rather hefty bezels.

That may have kept things slim, but it gives the phone a rather clunky look compared to the iPhone 5S and rival devices from Sony, Samsung and LG.

5 It’s coming sooner than you think (maybe)

iphone 6 gsm arena dummy

New rumours emerging from Taiwan suggest Apple may debut the iPhone 6 as soon as July, with the 4.7-inch model landing ahead of the 5.5-inch effort.

This would give Apple a lot longer to sell its all-new device, as well as a chance to gazump rivals who are priming handsets for the annual IFA tech show in Berlin in September.

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