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iPhone 6 mock-up compared with iPhone 5S

iPhone 6 mock-up compared with iPhone 5S

A side-by-side comparison of a mock-up of the iPhone 6 and an iPhone 5S has laid bare the scale of the redesign we could be in for this time around, as the countdown ticks to the phone’s launch in September.

Put together from the web of rumours around the next-gen iPhone 6, the dummy phone exterior, which appears in photos and clip from Italian site, show a handset that’s much larger than the iPhone 5S it sits alongside.

This is, of course, in keeping with chatter that 2014 is the year we’ll finally get an iPhone phablet to take on the beefy, gym-honed Android handsets that have muscled the iPhone out of the hands of smartphone users who crave more screen to play with.

The snaps also show how much of a change the iPhone 6’s mooted iPhone 3GS-style rounded edges represent from the current-gen model’s squared-off look.

iphone 6 bgr comparison 2

For us, that’s one of the more welcome changes. If only because it’s a change – albeit a small one - from the rectangular black slab school of phone design to which every handset-maker seems to adhere rigidly.

The images arrive amid mounting evidence that Apple will bring two iPhones to market this year, one featuring a 4.7-inch screen and another packing a five-inch display that officially nudges it into phablet territory.

It’s thought the smaller model will arrive in September, while the larger iteration isn’t expected until months after that. The gap is purportedly down to battery issues and problems manufacturing a bigger Retina Display screen.

Both phones are likely to feature Apple’s Healthbook fitness and wellbeing app, which could be this year’s Touch ID-style killer application that launches a million warm and fuzzy Apple ads.



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