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  5. iPhone 6 mock-up phablet based on rumours stars in video

iPhone 6 mock-up phablet based on rumours stars in video

iPhone 6 mock-up phablet based on rumours stars in video

Applications for 3D printers seem to get a little bit cooler every day.

Just this week, it emerged that enterprising Chinese sorts had used one to make entire houses at a cost of just $5,000 each.

That’s the sort of radical thinking that could solve the UK’s housing shortage in the time it takes to say ‘green belt’.

Less practical but just as attention-grabbing, though, is the work of some iDisciples whose efforts are causing a stir on Apple sites today. And might just have given our best idea yet of what the iPhone 6 will look like when it drops later this year.

The video, which first surfaced on French site, features a 3D mock-up of the iPhone 6 based on all the rumours that have been circulating on tech sites in recent months.

That means the dummy device features rounded edges that recall the iPhone 3GS – a back-to-the-future move that’s been whispered about for weeks now – and the sort of large screen dimensions that mark it out as a phablet.

As seen on a leaked iPhone 6 case a few days ago, a rounded aperture for the flash is in evidence too, instead of the tablet-shaped one that we got last time around and which houses a dual-flash camera.

Completing the look is a relocated on/off switch, which moves from its traditional position at the top of the device to the side.

In keeping with Apple’s schedule, the next-gen iPhone is tipped to turn up in September, when we’re expected to once again get two new iterations of its behemoth smartphone.

One will purportedly come in at 4.7-inches, while the other will be a 5.5-inch monster aimed at taking the fight to the slew of Android-powered superphones from the likes of Samsung and Sony.


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