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  5. iPhone 6: 5.5–inch display part leaked

iPhone 6: 5.5–inch display part leaked

iPhone 6: 5.5–inch display part leaked

The 5.5-inch edition of the iPhone 6 has been hotly tipped in recent weeks. But compared with its smaller 4.7-inch cousin, we haven’t caught as many glimpses of its key components. Until now, that is.

Renowned Apple-watcher Sonny Dickson appears to have snared the iPhone 6 5.5–inch’s display and has helpfullly snapped it and handed it over to 9to5mac to size-up. The 14cm screen looks pretty inauspicious, but Dickson reckons this is the real deal.

While the picture of the display itself might not excite, the fact that leaks of the larger iPhone 6 are starting to happen suggests mass production of the device could soon be well underway.

Recent chatter has pointed to Apple releasing the smaller, 4.7–inch iPhone 6 first, with the phablet model following some weeks or even months later and its supplies being constrained until the Christmas period.

Both the new iPhones are expected to have a new look design, based on the current iPad Air and iPad mini.

While colour schemes are set to stay the same, Apple is due to boost screen resolution and use a faster chip to ensure its new iOS 8 software runs at lick-spit speed.

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