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  5. iPhone 6 price: Why $100 premium won’t damage Apple’s phablet's sales

iPhone 6 price: Why $100 premium won’t damage Apple’s phablet's sales

iPhone 6 price: Why $100 premium won’t damage Apple’s phablet's sales

Another day, another string of iPhone 6 gossip stories.

Today’s big news (aside from some rather natty new leaked images focuses on Apple’s plans to charge a $100 premium for the 5.5–inch iPhone phablet.

Analyst research from Tavis McCourt reckons Apple is ready to ask about £59 more for a larger iPhone.

But interestingly, the same analyst says that a third of the consumers he’s asked about the plans are not bothered and won’t let it put them off buying a larger iPhone.

That comes as no surprise.

Demand for Apple’s new phones is likely to be massive, with consumers clearly still keen on the brand and desperate to use larger phones (as witnessed by the continued success of Samsung’s larger devices).

iphone 6 dummy 2

Of course, that $100 is likely to only relate to SIM–free devices.

Nowhere near as many consumers will buy Apple’s iPhone 6 off-contract as those who get it via a network on a subsidised deal.

Therefore, the only money that matters is how much they pay per month for data and calls, plus the relatively nominal amount they pay upfront for the handset.

Apple has proved in the past that the outright cost of an iPhone doesn’t matter.

The iPhone 5C is pricey considering its plastic styling.

iphone 5c slanted official

But it’s now available on a series of affordable contracts that have helped it to achieve greater success than it had in the months after launch.

There can be no doubt that both the 4.7–inch and 5.5–inch iPhones will cost a small fortune.

But with some analysts predicting that current-quarter iPhone sales could be as high as 39 million, punters all over the globe are happy to suck up the cost.

You can be sure the feeling will be exactly the same once Tim Cook unleashes the new handsets in the autumn. In fact, it’s likely to be amplified.

Why? Well Canalys research earlier this year showed that 34% of all smartphones shipped in the first quarter of 2014 were above 5 inches in size.

Apple logo with man talking on iPhone

People want bigger phones and people want Apple. This will be a perfect storm and the small matter of a SIM–free price is not going to affect that.

It could easily be argued that this will be the most important iPhone has released since the first one back in 2007.

It will put it back in the mix after years of criticism for not matching up to rivals in the size stakes.

With a larger display and leading app emporium, Apple will clean up at the end of 2014.

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