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  5. iPhone 6: Battery life may not be improved

iPhone 6: Battery life may not be improved

iPhone 6: Battery life may not be improved

iPhone 6 battery life may not be a major improvement on last year’s iPhone 5S, despite better longevity consistently topping smartphone buyers' wishlists.

That, at least, is what Chinese media is claiming. A series of reports from that country reckon that Apple will use a battery between 1,800 mAh and 1,900 mAh in its 4.7–inch iPhone 6, with a heftier 2,500 mAh effort in the more capacious 5.5–inch models.

While these are larger than the 1,570 mAh in the iPhone 5S, the larger screens, which may well have a higher resolution, could cause battery to drain at roughly the same rate.

By comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 has a 3,200 mAh power unit.

There are other ways in which battery life could be boosted, though.

Apple has far greater control over apps and software than Google and Samsung, thanks to its tight grip on iOS.

iOS 8 also has battery-saving features which could add to the amount of a time an iPhone 6 can last without charge.

However, with Apple seemingly married to releasing an iPhone 6 with a much slimmer design, compromises will need to be made somewhere.

That it could be cutting down on battery life is likely to leave some potential owners deeply unimpressed.

The iPhone 6 is due to be launched at a special event in September.


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