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iPhone 6: The parts we’ve already seen

iPhone 6: The parts we’ve already seen

iPhone 6 chatter would be nothing without leaked images of blurry components.

Almost daily we’re seeing new angles on the key parts which will go to make up 2014’s most anticipated smartphone.

But with the constant whirl of news and information, it can be easy for Apple fanatics to lose track of what they’ve seen and what’s new.

So, here’s out handy guide to the most important parts we’ve seen so far (and the one we could really use a look at). Read on for all the details.

Rear shell

iphone 6 rear shell dickson

The rear shell has been a staple of iPhone 6 rumours for weeks.

And while blurry shots of it have been kicking around since early 2014, this week has seen a series of high resolution snaps of what we can expect from the new, all–metal iPhone casing.

Larger and more iPad–like than its predecessors, the shell has cut-outs for volume controls on the left, a power button on the right (shifted from the top due to a larger form factor) and a gaping hole where the Apple logo will be.

This could be as a glowing notification tool or just to provide decent reception for the handset.

Volume controls

iphone 6 volume controller

The volume rockers on the new iPhone are larger and again seem to take their inspiration from the iPad and iPad Mini.

Then there’s the fact that the internal part has been split from the power button for the iPhone 6.

In previous models these components have been linked internally.

Now Apple is boosting the size to 4.7 and 5.5 inches, this doesn’t appears to be a smart use of space.

Power button

iphone 6 buttons

This component appeared alongside pictures of the volume control.

As mentioned, it’s now a separate tool, designed to sit on the right hand side of the iPhone, where your index finger will naturally fall when holding the handset one–handed.

It appears a touch larger than the current button.

Sapphire screen

Talk of Apple ditching Gorilla Glass for a new, sapphire–based panel has been rife for ages.

This week, a new leak not only showed the 4.7–inch screen in all its glory, but also demonstrated how it could [withstand being bent severely(/mobiles/news/2014/07/iphone6videoprovesscreenwithstandsknifestabsandkeyscrapes/).

What’s more, another video appeared to depict the screen holding up to repeated attacks, showing it to be pretty much scratch resistant.

That will please owners who seem to destroy their handset’s display on a monthly basis.

Camera module

iphone 6 camera flash

There’s been no leak yet of the iPhone 6’s camera module. And that’s a crying shame.

Getting a proper look at Apple’s plans for its new lens is the one thing we’re still desperately holding out for.

Rumours have previously suggested it’ll have the same megapixel count as the current iPhone 5S, but with improved lens tech to give better low light performance.

Here’s hoping we can at least get a glimpse before launch day.

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